For two thousand years people have spent their lives waiting, praying, fighting, begging, going to war and attending the annual Burning Man Festival to find their Messiah. At Larry's Witnesses we believe we have found just such a person to represent us in the Now & the Afterlife; Mr. Larry Harvey. The term messiah denotes any redeemer figure," according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, for those that know Larry as the creator of 'The Party in the Desert' or an involved citizen in San Francisco politics, know the power of the Words of Larry.

For many of us, however, the dog-eat-dog world we find ourselves in is not at all attractive, if not unfamiliar; we are looking not for a religious leader but a spiritual guide. They say that if you want to understand a person you should study their methodology to madness; that tongue & cheek style that truly reveals their personalities in what they find funny, interesting and their ultimate message. What was it all about? Was it all worth it?

At Larry's Witnesses we encourage those that have already been Converted' to assist us in spreading 'Burn The Word' to the rest of humanity. Sign up for a Larry's Witnesses Mission Today!! Once you hear his message you will be forever changed; you will 'See' the world as it should be and how you can be part of the global phenomenon, a metamorphosis of our collective consciousness.

Become one of the Witnesses and preach the message of Larry - Let's 'Burn The Word' together; let the message be heard from every rooftop, tarp and chill space throughout Black Rock City.

"People today are really looking for a message of salvation that literally has the power to change their lives, Says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of Larry's Witnesses. "The Man with the Stetson Hat, his greatest success is that he's living proof of what he believes, his influence on the mind, body and spirit of those that have been touched by his words is hard to overstate", continues ScottoBobScotto.



2012 - Larry's Witnesses