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Remember that conversation you had recently; that Gotham aka Black Rock City would need Batman again to bring order to chaos? Think the end is near with all things 2012? Leaving behind the fear of the unknown is within your grasp, just come onboard with the 'Burn The Word' campaign.

Larry Harvey was recently named in the Who's Who of Planet Earth coming in at number 1,223,123,765 which means that he is more influential to our shared culture than 5,778,530,160 others spread across 7 continents. Read the Words of Larry, read them again and one more time to be really sure that his message is clear; let their meaning sear into your every fiber.  We are sure once you see the light you will want to join our cause and Burn the Word with us. Do not hover here.

Sign up for a Larry's Witnesses Mission Today!! Help us help all people's to know 'Burn The Word' and the positive & soothing message that our Messiah has to share. How many people do you think you can influence? How many can you convert? Join the insurgency not with guns but with Words!

Your membership as Burners comes with an obligation to follow, be lead and then lead yourself. Remember this is a Participatory Sport - Do not Spectate, do not wait for the person next to you, show others by example, Sign up for a Larry's Witnesses Mission Today!!

"Witnesses have been persecuted & their activities banned or restricted thru our history, it is time to turn the tide and preach a message from a truly inspirational human being", says ScottoBobScotto. "This revolution of attitude will not happen by itself; we need your help as the disciples of all that you have learned because of the 10 Principles", continues ScottoBobScotto.



2012 - Larry's Witnesses