April fool's - year - #8

April 24, 2012 - Phoenix, AZ - The years seem to fly by faster than I can remember the total number of April Fool's Web Sites I have created since 2005.  With the Five (5) sites premiered this year, that makes Thirty-Three (33) 04/01 Web Sites in the last Eight (8) years.  The last few weeks before Launch Day are a flurry of activity and re-reading text, making sure links work and of course laughing at my own creativity & poetic license.  It is certainly my hope that I can FOOL just a few people as my emails make their way to Inboxes all over the globe.

ScottoBobScotto04/01/12 again fell of course right after March 31 and just before April 2, while we were in San Francisco@ the Regional Summit for Burning Man Regional Contacts & Community Leaders from around the globe.

We missed out on the Saturday night party at the Firehouse and while other summit attendees danced & partied across town I was in my room at the Kabuki Hotel getting things ready to LAUNCH!  It is always a big thrill to watch the World Maps of hits to the sites and see how long it takes to cross the oceans; make it Europe - Asia & South America.

The following morning as I enjoyed the continental breakfast before the first breakout sessions, several people who knew me and my antics made sure to let me know that I was On Point and provided an awesome backdrop to the days discussions.

In the end I get a kick out of the Burning Man Parody thing, coming up with the domain names and the creative outlet that is web design. I hope you have enjoyed the 2011 sites as much as I did in creating them.

Yes, you can count on another round of April Fool's web sites, ala Scotto in 2013; that is of course if the Mayans are WRONG or if we as a people deem this to be our last stand.  Stay tuned for more 04/01 shenanigans by Scotto.


'Burning Man will change your life...You just do not know how yet'

'Everything you take to Burning Man including yourself will never be the same'


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